Literary Arts



In order to teach for the department in your second year, we expect first-year MFA students to register for the spring pedagogy course. Through this course, you'll work through the philosophical and practical issues related to teaching, including formulating a syllabus for an undergraduate workshop in your area of focus. 


If you receive an appointment to teach an undergraduate writing workshop, you’ll likely lead an introductory or intermediate workshop. You will be responsible for designing a syllabus, ordering books, leading workshop, holding office hours and submitting grades.

Introductory and Intermediate Workshops

All introductory and intermediate workshops are limited to 17 students, and are graded on an S/NC (Satisfactory/No Credit) basis. While you won’t need to worry about assigning letter grades, in order for your students to pass, they must meet the course requirements, spelled out clearly in your syllabus.

Pedagogy Seminar

During the fall semester of the second year, the department will hold a pedagogy seminar for those assigned to teach. These sessions provide a place for everyone to share their experiences in the classroom — to share tips, to ask questions.