Literary Arts

Literary Arts

For fifty years, Literary Arts at Brown University has been a creative and intellectual center for a diverse and innovative literary community.

Along with a handful of other writing programs nationwide, Brown provides a home for writers who are envisioning new paths in fiction, poetry, digital language arts, and mixed media. 

Course Information

These classes require writing samples. These classes will NOT meet on 6, 7 & 8 September (as the class list will not yet be determined). These classes will begin to meet on Monday, 11 September.
During the registration period, students may register for courses depending on certain factors (some are open based on class year, other on declared concentration).

Upon the closure of the Registration period, the classes will require instructor permission to gain entry (or to be placed on the waitlist). No one will receive such permission until lotteries are run on the first day of the semester -- Wed., 6 September.
Literary Arts offers a mixture of workshops, seminars and hybrid workshop/seminar courses each semester, many of which are special topics (and are subject to change from one semester to the next).


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