Literary Arts

Financial Emergencies


We hope that you won't face a financial emergency during your time at Brown (or thereafter), but should one befall you, you should contact the Graduate School – (you can also check with the Director of Graduate Studies if you are not sure where to direct your concerns). The Graduate School will review your situation; there are two means of support that may be provided: an Emergency Grant of up to $500; and an Emergency Loan (also up to $500 -- to be paid back within two months). You may be offered one or both types of support. Should you receive both a grant and a loan, with your permission, the Graduate School will share this information with the Director of Graduate Studies and/or the Chair. In such cases, the Department will reimburse the Graduate School up to 1/2 of the amount of the loan -- and as such, you would be expected to repay the Graduate School half of the amount borrowed with the dept. covering the other half.