Literary Arts

Graduate Reps


Graduate representatives provide essential communication between faculty, staff, and the graduate students. They are expected to organize at least two (2) meetings with the graduate community per semester, as well as make themselves available for private communications. Graduate Reps attend faculty meetings (by invitation) where they bring forward questions, concerns, and provide valuable input to departmental events such as readings, visitors, residencies, festivals, and searches. Graduate Reps may also be invited to poll their peers on specific questions, and are expected to bring concerns and problems forward to the Director of Gradute Studies or Department Chair in a timely way. Reciprocally, the Graduate Representatives will report departmental news, decisions, and policies back to the graduate cohort. Overall, they work alongside the Director of Graduate Studies to provide support, liaison, and information about wider Brown culture and bureaucracy to both the incoming and on-campus cohort.

There will be two graduate representatives, one from each year. The incoming representative should be selected by the rising second year students at the first graduate community meeting of the year, or by email solicitation to the incoming class.