Literary Arts

Computer Services


We recommend that you activate your Brown account as soon as you get your Brown ID. If you wish to forward your Brown electronic mail to another account, you can do it immediately after activating your Brown account; however, you will still need your Brown username and password for things like the computer clusters, online grades, registering for classes…

The department is largely a Mac-based community, our graduate computer room has Mac computers. We appreciate your being respectful of the machines in the computer room and that you report any problems to the department manager as soon as one crops up. There are copiers in the computer room for the use of the faculty and graduate students in the program. From time to time, these machines require maintenance; or there may be a paper shortage. Please do not wait until the last minute when bringing a project to the computer room for printing, And if you become aware of a problem (twitchy printer, the paper trays are running low), please reach out to the main office so that we can take care of this before you or a colleague faces a problem.