Literary Arts

Formatting and Presenting Your Thesis

Guidelines and sample signature and title pages.

Manuscript Guidelines

  • Type and Spacing: 10, 11 or 12 point typeface (for typewriters, pica and elite are both accepted). Prose manuscripts are usually double-spaced. Poetry and plays are as often single-spaced as double-spaced.
  • Margins: the left margin should be at least 1-1/2 inches wide (to accommodate the binding); the top, bottom and right margins are typically at least 1 inch wide.
  • Page numbers: page numbers may be placed closer to the edge of the paper than the text itself. It is recommended that page numbers be placed in the same location throughout the manuscript.
  • Length: most projects will be no less than 50 pages.
  • Binding: The archive copy of the manuscript must be bound: vello-binding and comb binding are typical (and available through most copy or office supply stores). A big staple, an elastic or a paper clip are not appropriate; honors or capstone certification will not be awarded until the program has received an appropriately-bound manuscript.
  • Electronic manuscripts: along with a web site address or disk, the program requires that a paper version of the final project be submitted for archival purposes. Disks and web addresses may, some day, be replaced by new technologies-as such, the paper version may eventually be the only surviving document.
  • Signature page and authorization to lend and reproduce the manuscript: This page should not be bound into the project, but is required. You may NOT re-word the material on this page (it should not be considered a part of the project itself; as such, it should not be thought of as a place to be "creative"). A sample of the signature page is found in below in Related Files.
  • Title page: the title, your name and the date of submission must be included. We provide a sample title page, but as long as the information noted is included, you may format this in any way you like.  A sample of the title page is found in below in Related Files