Literary Arts

Literary Arts congratulates Brown's Radcliffe Fellows for 2023-24

Alison C. Rollins and Azareen van der Vliet Oloomi have been named recipients of 2023-24 Radcliffe Fellowships by Harvard University.

Harvard University has announced the recipients of the 2023-24 Radcliffe Fellows and among the 53 for whom this honor was bestowed, two have connections to the Literary Arts Department. Alison C. Rollins will be receiving the MFA in Literary Arts in May 2023. Rollins is the author of Library of Small Catastrophes and was recipient of a 2019 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. Rollins plans to write poetry and nonfiction prose while also creating performance art that seeks to offer interdisciplinary meditations on Black fugivity and freedom seeking, thereby providing innovative interventions for what might be possible on both the canvas and the literary page as well as the writer's body. Azareen van der Vliet Oloomi also earned an MFA in Literary Arts from Brown and is currently Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Fellow at University of Notre Dame. She intends to work on her fourth novel investigating America's evolving definitions of freedom and shifts in constructions of American identity in relation to nature and notions of the wild.