Literary Arts

Alumni Publications and Awards, spring 2023

New books are out or are forthcoming from Literary Arts alumni.

Stine An was awarded the 2023 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant for translation.

Perival Everett was selected the 2023 recipient of the Jean Stein Book Award for Dr. No, his most recent novel.

Gwen Harper was awarded an NEA fellowship for literary translation.

Imani Elizabeth Jackson was awarded a 2023 NEA fellowship for Poetry.

Dong Li reports that the debut poetry collection The Orange Tree, which has been selected as the inaugural winner of the Phoenix Emerging Poet Book Prize, was published by the University of Chicago Press in March 2023.

JF Chukwu's The Unfortunates was reviewed in the New York Times in February.


Claire Donato reports that her book Kind Mirrors, Ugly Ghosts is forthcoming with Archway Editions in 2023, and that she is currently working as the Assistant Chairperson of Writing at Pratt Institute. 

Elizabeth Metzgar's second book, Lying In, will be available from Milkweed Editions in April 2023.

Chanté Reid's THOT was published by Sarrabande Books.

Esther Yi's Y/N was reviewed in the New York Times.