Literary Arts

New Book from Thalia Field

Leave to Remain, a fiction-essay collaboration written by Professor of Literary Arts Thalia Field and poet and translator Abigail Lang of the Université Paris-Diderot, was published by Dalkey Archive Press in January, 2020.  “Leave to Remain…is a faux spy novel possessed by the spirit of Janus:  doubleness, duplicity, double-entendres, two-facedness, bridges and doorways – as is only appropriate for a work composed by two writers:  one French and one American.  Two faced Janus resurrects into a time-traveling adventure, a tour of double-agents, double-speak, and double-doings.”  Poet Kevin Killian has said of Leave to Remain that it is “a book of sheer pleasure, with the bite of heather among the kiss of lilies.”  Professors Field and Lang are also the co-authors of a previous hybrid essay, A Prank of Georges.