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Reginald Shepherd's work available in new edition

Reginald Shepherd, who graduated from Brown's MFA program in 1991, and died in 2008, is being celebrated by University of Pittsburgh Press via the publication of The Selected Shepherd. According to the press, "Drawing from all six of his collections, The Selected Shepherd offers a new retrospective on the work of an important and sometimes controversial Black, gay poet. Although well known for his erotic poems about white men, Shepherd also wrote consistently about the natural world and its endangerment and his grief over his mother’s death. Presented in both publication order and the order in which they originally appeared within each collection, these poems highlight the most important themes of Shepherd’s work, along with both his predictability and unpredictability as a poet. Jericho Brown’s introduction provides additional context and insight on the life and work of this complex, groundbreaking figure in American poetry."