Literary Arts

Campus Visits

Some candidates find it useful to visit schools to get a feel for each particular program in advance of applying.

While some institutions hold the occasional open house, Brown's Literary Arts Department does not hold any such formal program for its applicants. The majority of our applicants do not visit campus in anticipation of their application, and such visits will not provide an advantage to those candidates in the admission review process.

Indeed, the department is not able to arrange for class visits by prospective students (with about 1,000 applicants, the workshop experience would be dramatically changed by the regular presence of guests). Further, we do not encourage contact with the program faculty during the admission review period (15 December through 15 February).


Should you wish to make a campus visit, we recommend that you schedule it either in conjunction with one of the department's events or with an afternoon demitasse (generally held every Thursday from 4 to 5 pm when university is in session), thereby ensuring informal contact with graduate students and faculty members.

Meeting with Faculty

To meet with a faculty representative in your genre, you may contact the faculty below.

These individuals can best ascertain the availability of faculty within a given genre; as our faculty are often tightly-scheduled, please contact the appropriate faculty representative prior to finalizing your travel arrangements.


Fiction or Poetry Writing